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Car Wash Services Available in Rome, NY

We Have Expanded! So No Waiting!!!

    • 3 Automatic Touchless Bays

The building that performs our high quality car wash services in Rome, NY

    • Plus 1 Soft Cloth Foam Bay

Soft Cloth Foam Bay Washworld Utica ny


Here at Typhoon Washworld we offer a fully automatic carwash system that you won’t find anywhere else. Our touchless self-service car wash is fast, thorough, won’t damage your car, and is even environmentally friendly!

Our system has a number of different options and can be customized to your car needs. If you want a simple, basic wash, just go with the “Monsoon.” If, on the other hand, you need to really power wash your vehicle and want it to shine, go with the “Typhoon” level! It’s the complete package and even includes the LAVA Curtain feature that gives you that hand carwash look and touch—the exterior will be so shiny people will swear you just bought a brand new car.

Washworld Carwash

Our Carwash Levels

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Oasis Car Wash Systems

In addition to our automatic carwash services, we are also a full service carwash offering a number of other options.

Other Services

Free Wash Bar

NEW – Complimentary Glass Cleaner, Tire Cleaner, Interior Fragrance, Rug beater
Washworld Free Wash Bar

Rug Beater

NEW – The rug beater is the best way to get the dirt off your floor mats! Use it during the wet summer months to keep mud from building up in your car, and give it a try during the winter when snow threatens to make a mess of things.


Once you’ve taken care of the exterior, it’s time to get the interior of your car clean! We have eight Typhoon Turbo Vacuums on site that will suck away any dirt and debris on your floorboards, seats, and any other space! All of our vacuums accept Credit Cards.

Car Vacuums Carwash Vending-machinesCarwash Vending Machine Washington Mills NY

Vending Machines

Forget a vital car care product? No problem! We have vending machines stocked with a number of basic products that will help keep your vehicles running and looking great.

Free Air

As always, we offer free air to all of our customers. Keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure to get the best gas mileage possible, plus you can use it to blow out the vents, too.

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